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Please be careful when renaming or deleting age ranges: age range information is saved to a booking slot whenever that booking slot is saved. If you rename an age range, and that age range is used on a slot, then you will need to select a new age range before you can save that slot in the future; the deleted age range will continue to exist on a slot until the slot is updated.

Likewise if you update the min and/or max age in an age range then those new limits will NOT be added to a slot unless you save the slot again - this allows you to update age ranges for new slots without affecting existing slots but does mean more slots to change if you do want to update the age range on existing slots.

Please also take care with the "Preschool", "Child" and "Adult" age ranges - we have created these for you so that slots created before Age Ranges were added (Using the "Limitations" option) continue to function as they did before. If you update one of these slots it will update to use the age range of the matching name - hence renaming any of these options would not be advisable.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like assistance updating your age ranges.

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